Simon, Our First Foal!

Simon was born in the early morning hours on April 17, 2012 – the exact birth date that the vet projected! His mother, beautiful Lady Jane, was surrendered to CAS only a month prior to his arrival from a home that could no longer care for her and her friend Shawnee. We were happy to offer the care and nutrition that she needed in the final critical month of her pregnancy.

Then last Tuesday morning as our Farm Manager, Kathy Keefe, checked in on each animal in the main barn, she discovered a little dark brown figure curled up next to his pure white mother. Simon was here and both mom and baby were healthy! Kathy watched on as the newborn tried out his wobbly legs, nursed from his mother, and slept in the hay.

This is the first foal to be born at CAS and we couldn’t be more excited! What a joy it is to see this little one soak in the sun and take (many) naps next to his momma. Simon will be Lady Jane’s last foal. She is an old mare who still needs weight and strength as a result of chronic neglect. She’s receiving lots of warm mashes, while little Simon is enjoying plenty of what nature provides. We’ll care well for both of them, and hope you’ll watch him grow as we post videos and updates to our Facebook and Twitter pages. Welcome to the world, little man!

See more pictures of Simon here.



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