Draft Horse, Sioux, Comes to CAS

Welcome, Sioux!

She’s a bruiser of a mare, and we’re delighted to welcome her.

Sioux, a 22-year-old Clydesdale, arrived at Catskill Animal Sanctuary after the neighbors of her deceased owner worked feverishly to place her. Horribly foundered and scheduled for euthanasia, Sioux instead made the trip to CAS, where it took a full 30 minutes for her to walk a mere 50 feet from the parking lot to the barn. “She was in agony – her feet were causing her so much pain,” explained farm manager Kathy Keefe.

Her hooves are so bad–a condition confirmed by our crackerjack farrier, Kevin Post–that her health is not yet guaranteed. But Kevin has done such fine work on neglected animals that we’re keeping our fingers crossed. Meantime, this burly girl is enjoying time out at pasture with special shoes on her feet that make her much more comfortable.

Caring for Sioux’s special needs is going to take a lot of resources. Please make a donation to CAS today. Thank you!





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