Sponsors, There’s Noah Like You

Sponsor a horse in June and you’ll receive a night at the Homestead as our thank you! Read on for details:

If you’ve visited the Sanctuary then you’ve undoubtedly enjoyed the tranquility of the grounds and the beauty of the residents.

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In a setting like this it can be easy to forget that many of those same beautiful animals have endured neglect and pain.

Noah was one of the most heartbreaking rescues we’ve ever done. He was left on an abandoned farm by someone who didn’t want to pay for his care. By the time we found him he was living in the ruins of a darkened rat-infested barn, covered in his own filth. No one knew the last time he had been fed or had water.

Noah in the snow
A recovered Noah loves playing in the snow.

We were advised to euthanize Noah as recovery was unlikely. Instead, we slowly nursed him back to health. (Founder Kathy Stevens tells the story of Noah’s rescue and recovery in her book, Animal Camp.)

Today, Noah is fully recovered and the leader of his herd. He’s actually become quite the charmer of both the ladies and his human friends!

CAS provides sanctuary for horses like Noah. Animals who have been rescued from abuse and neglect and those requiring specialized care in their twilight years.

But we can’t and don’t do it alone.

Sponsors help provide the necessary funding to keep our herd of twenty-five horses happy and healthy. Our equine residents all have different needs and sponsors help pay for a horse’s feed, hay, bedding, farrier, and veterinary care.

Thank you to all our wonderfully generous sponsors. Won’t you join them?

By becoming a sponsor at $100 a month you’ll help provide the safe and loving home these animals deserve. Please become a sponsor today.

People who become a horse sponsor in June will also receive a special gift: a FREE night at the Homestead in the Rambo, Paulie, or Dino room (depending upon availability)! Become a sponsor now!



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