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Guest Blog: How I Decided to Become Vegan

Hello everyone! My name is Molly, and I am currently a junior at the University of Vermont double majoring in Food Systems and Nutrition and Food Science. I stopped eating …

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Backyard Labor Day Party: Online Class

Don’t celebrate the end of summer with a ho-hum meal! Let Chef Linda show you how to make a delicious Italian-inspired backyard feast.

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Yes, There is Life After Cheese!

By Chef Linda I know you. You’re reading this because you’re torn. You’re confused. You feel hopeless. Either your conscience or your doctor is telling you that you need to …

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Chef Sara, Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow

When Chef Sara Boan came to us in 2016, we had no idea how much she would come to truly embody Catskill Animal Sanctuary. Some of the strongest pillars of …

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The Sanctuary Celebrates World Vegan Day

World Vegan Day has been observed every year since 1994— and here at the Sanctuary we love to celebrate it! We’ve made a video with some of our staff about …

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She Wanted Her Life: Considering Your Barbecued Chicken

If you’re like me, there’s little you won’t do to enrich the life of your dog or your cat: we want our beloveds to thrive. That same approach occurs here …

Meet the Compassionate Cuisine Contest Winner!

Congrats to Darcie, the winner of the Compassionate Cuisine contest! Darcie is a longtime friend of CAS and credits a little pig named Ozzie for starting her cruelty-free journey. Chef Linda …