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The Sanctuary Celebrates World Vegan Day

World Vegan Day has been observed every year since 1994— and here at the Sanctuary we love to celebrate it! We’ve made a video with some of our staff about why WE are vegan— and we want to hear from you, too! Share your “why” in the comments of this post, or find us on social media!

Our Founder/Director, Kathy Stevens, shares her thoughts on World Vegan Day, and they will have you fired up and ready to do more!

Chef Linda and Chef Sara know that one of the most crucial components of a successful transition to veganism is delicious food, especially for the holidays! Linda has showstopping main dishes for your Thanksgiving table and Chef Sara has rounded up the best pre-made entrees for you to try!

If you’re not vegan yet but want to know more, we can help! Our free vegan mentor program, New Leaf, has reached 32 countries. Learn more here!



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