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Five Years Of Love, Hope + Changing Hearts

“After 10 years of looking into thousands of pig eyes, I’ve come to understand that they’re never vacant. There’s always someone looking back at me” – Bob Comis In the […]

In Memory of Miriam

It’s always difficult to say goodbye to a beloved friend. But to lose two in a single week, as we did last week, has left us a little shaky. A […]

Meet the Compassionate Cuisine Contest Winner!

Congrats to Darcie, the winner of the Compassionate Cuisine contest! Darcie is a longtime friend of CAS and credits a little pig named Ozzie for starting her cruelty-free journey. Chef Linda […]

It’s Jangles’ Turn: Old Pig Joins The Underfoot Family!

If you’ve visited Catskill Animal Sanctuary, you likely have vivid memories of a few members of the Underfoot Family, that special crew of critters privileged to roam the barnyard all […]