It’s Jangles’ Turn: Old Pig Joins The Underfoot Family!

If you’ve visited Catskill Animal Sanctuary, you likely have vivid memories of a few members of the Underfoot Family, that special crew of critters privileged to roam the barnyard all day. The animals who earn the right to join “the family” are typically elderly, but other factors, too, enter into our decisions regarding which privileged few get to join the esteemed group.

It’s been a few years since The Underfoots included a big pig — and for good reason. Given their strength, wilfulness, intelligence, and preoccupation with food, free-ranging pigs are free-ranging disaster. It’s only when they’re old enough not to want to free-range all the way to Dutchess County that we can let them loose to enjoy the richness of free-range life at CAS.

Three days ago, old man Jangles joined The Underfoots. Free to roam wherever he chose, he chose to snuffle around behind the main barn, go for a swim, and nap in the shavings pile–just like Belle, Claude, and Policeman before him. Look for him there when you visit!

Congratulations, old man. See ya ’round the barnyard.

Jangles enjoying the shade in the shavings pile at CAS.



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  1. Jangles is a very handsome old guy too [he’d better watch out for the piggygals.

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