Ten Rescued; Ten Billion More in Need

Last weekend, Catskill Animal Sanctuary visitors walked out with me to meet the horses we’d rescued just two days earlier. In the ten years since CAS was founded, this case was one of the worst I’d seen: twenty-four horses on a property with no food and a stagnant pond. Only one horse had a ramshackle shelter, and many were stuck up to their knees in a thick stew of mud, manure and urine. One young stallion was so weak that he crawled onto the trailer with his front legs but then collapsed, sitting on his rump to recover from the effort. Eventually, several of us helped to hoist the good boy up, then we were on our way to CAS.

Two days later, as the visitors and I approached the quarantine pasture where five young stallions were recovering, they came over the hill and toward the fence, eager to greet us. Many guests wiped away tears at the sight of the horses’ dull coats and emaciated bodies. “How can people do this?” one angry woman asked. Her question begged another…

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  1. kathy~ you are an incredible woman. You and your staff are absolutely amazing, and I am planning our trip back to visit this fall as we speak. My 4-year old remembers Tucker from our visit this spring!
    These horses are forunate to have someone like you and your staff to show them the respect and care they deserve, and I am thankful for your organization, doing such greatness. Looking forward to seeing you again soon~

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