The Joys of Animal Sponsorship

Anatole France once said “Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.”  Become an animal sponsor today and fall head over heels! Your generosity helps cover a rescued farm animal’s food, bedding and vet care, and supports our life-saving work. We encourage you to visit often and throughout the year, so you can develop a deep bond with your best buddy.


Sponsorship holds different and special meaning for each individual supporter, so check out what some of our dear friends have to say:

“While CAS heals the bodies and souls of abused farm animals, they in turn can heal the broken hearts and souls of people. That is certainly what Emerson [the calf] and the boys did for us that day.” — Dawn H.

“I called Noah [the horse’s] name and his perfect ears listened and he meandered over to me. His winter coat is coming in and I talked to him and brushed him…they let me put Noah’s halter on and I led him into the barn and into his stall and he pulled at his hay… Something so simple but it meant so much to me.” –Kathleen K.

“For me, being a member was great, but I wanted to be more a part of the community. I wanted to feel connected and when you sponsor an animal you do feel that connection.” –DorGoats with Sponsorothy A.

“Sometimes it was hard to watch Atlas [the goat] walk. It hurt to watch him get up and to struggle so hard just to walk a few steps, but until his last day he never gave up. When I think I am having a bad day, or I have a minor “ailment” like a slight headache, I think of Atlas and I feel ashamed that I am complaining.  Compared to his problems, we don’t have it so bad.” — Rich C.

“When I first saw Amelia [the piglet]…that was my last day of a BLT…pork and I paAmelia with sponsorrted company. She is absolutely the love of my life.” — June B.

CAS does such wonderful work for animals…so the children decided with their allowance money to sponsor an animal here to help [Slate the rabbit] have a better life. It’s important to help these animals and give them the peaceful, wonderful life they deserve.” – Anne-Marie C.

Please contact Michelle Alvarez, Outreach Director, at today to find your new best friend!






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