They’re Just Fine (But the Humans Could Use Some Help!)

During weather extremes like the heat-wave of the previous few days, well-meaning friends always reach out with concern. “How are the animals?” they ask.

Over the years, CAS has honed its “extreme weather practices” to a fine art. In the summer, for instance, turn-out routines change, heat-sensitive animals are moved inside our cool main barn, 2-liter water bottles are frozen and used as “air-conditioning” next to grateful bunnies and chickens…and if pigs are overheating, many of them enjoy being sprayed by the hose a few times a day. When it gets even hotter and broiler chickens and turkeys are truly in danger, we bring them into our large feed room with its always-cool concrete floor, and place them in tubs of water, watching them relax as their body temperature drops.

No need to worry about the CAS critters! Meantime, though, it is truly the humans who struggle. If you like the summer weather and have a few hours to spare each week, consider joining our volunteer team! Or maybe you are one of those people flattened by heat? Our outreach team needs errand runners, literature distributors, and administrative help. Go here to join us. Hope to see you (and your thermos of ice water) at the next volunteer orientation!

Amelia and Reggie cool off in their mud bath.



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