Three’s Company

Some sanctuaries place animals of a species in a pasture and let them work out their issues…or not. Not CAS. We go to lengths that many would consider ridiculous to ensure the happiness of all.
Take Jenny. Jenny, a thoroughbred mare, is food aggressive, and since best pal Bella was adopted, Jenny’s been alone. Who’ll be her friends? we asked. Not the young, newly-gelded stallions. Not Noah and his pasture mates, one of whom is creaky 30-something Crystal. Certainly not the blind crew. Hmmm….what about Fritz and Chili’s pasture?
We’re delighted to report that Fritz and Chili, two geldings, are smitten, and that Jenny is on her best behavior! Mixed-gender herds don’t always work–the dominant boy often pushes the rest away in order to “claim” the girls, but not this time. At feeding time or any other time of day, the three are never far from each other, and the often high-strung Chili is much more relaxed now with two best friends!
These three rideable horses would love to be part of your family! Fill out an adoption application today!



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  1. You guys ROCK! You found good company for a difficult (and lonely) filly- and it was a great match, apparently. Keep up the great work!

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