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Sweeten Up Valentine’s Day

Sweeten Up Valentine’s Day with Vegan Truffles
By: Holly Kalyn, Editorial Intern for Compassionate Cuisine

Yesterday, in the sun-drenched kitchen of the Homestead at Catskill Animal Sanctuary, we rolled, dipped, and sprinkled away at the perfect Valentine’s Day treat—Truffles! Sumptuous and decadent, chocolate truffles have been crafted in France since as early as the 1890’s. Many years later, these chocolate morsels have gone through many incarnations and updates.

Holly digging into the chocolate ganache
Lois, rockin’ and rolling the truffles

Together with Chef Linda and her volunteer assistant Lois,  we prepared 3 beautiful vegan truffle variations that will not disappoint; Macadamia Oat, Peanut Butter, and Chocolate Ganache. Not only did they taste wonderfully rich and sweet, they look like delicate bonbons straight from a French chocolatier. Coated in a vegan chocolate shell and then adorned in nuts, cocoa, and toasted coconut, these mouthwatering treats are sure to satisfy every sweet tooth. Trust me.

As we know, there’s no way to add a personal touch on Valentine’s Day like making something yourself. Think outside the box, literally. Instead of boxed chocolates from the store, try these truffle recipes to make the most memorable homemade treats for your loved one(s)! Vegan loved ones will appreciate the effort and non-vegans will simply enjoy the chocolatey deliciousness. So get rolling and dipping! Happy Valentine’s Day and Bon Appetit!



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