Veggie Kids Impact Local Schools

Henry McGrath-Mosto attended Camp Kindness at CAS this past summer and the experience compelled him to become vegetarian. At camp, Henry was able to spend time with farm animals like Babe, CAS’s loving and gentle 1,700 pound steer, and the charming Atlas, a crippled goat who steals the hearts of everyone who meets him. Henry also learned about factory farming’s damaging effects on the animals, our planet, and us….and for him, eating meat wasn’t such a great idea anymore.

His mother, Anne McGrath, told us that at a recent dinner with friends, Henry proudly stood his ground when questioned about his vegetarian diet. She said that Henry calmly provided several compelling arguments for a vegetarian lifestyle to the attentive adults and closed with, “In answer to your question as to why I don’t eat meat, I just want to ask you why you would?!” Henry told his mother that it was because of Camp Kindness that he was able to share his knowledge with others.

This nine year old who now brings Tofurkey sandwiches to school for lunch, also drew the attention of his school’s head lunch lady. She invited Henry to tell her about his favorite vegetarian foods, and, hold on to your hats, to make a presentation to the nutrition committee!

Henry isn’t the first Camp Kindness kid who has made an impact on his school lunch menu. Ani Castillo started a petition at her school for vegetarian food to be offered daily in the cafeteria. Her presentation to the school’s principal about the importance of being vegetarian inspired George Washington Elementary in Kingston, NY, to add vegetarian options to their menu.

Henry and Ani: we are SO proud of you!



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  1. Yeahhh for Henry! He’s a great kid who’s not afraid to stand up for his choices. We are proud to have him as our friend. 

  2. I applaud Henry and Ani’s choice to eat a healthy, plant-based diet.  By making this compassionate choice and educating others, you are helping to change the world for the better!!  I am such a proud (and plant- eating) aunt!

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