Violet: Your Questions Answered

You asked questions. We have answers! Here’s the latest update on little baby goat Violet.

Thank you for your love and concern about Violet. You can help provide food and medical care for our littlest resident and all the baby goats by making a donation.

Thank you!



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4 replies on “Violet: Your Questions Answered”

  1. Will be putting my membership check in tomorrow’s mail, but have a question. As I do much shopping thru Amazon, are you part of their Smile program where a percentage of monies spent is forwarded to you ??

  2. Thank you, thank you so much for the detailed update on Violet! Somehow that first clip of her exploring the outdoors was posted on Facebook or YouTube or ?? about a month ago. I saw it and fell in love– not only with beautiful baby Violet and her human mom, but also the mission of the Catskill Animal Sanctuary. I became a member almost immediately, and I wish that my finances allowed me to be a more generous donor. In just the week or so, I have not only learned more about Violet, but also about the much mourned departure of Peabody and Noah. If I lived up there, I absolutely would be offering myself as a volunteer to help “spread the love.” In the meanwhile, my two street rescue kitty babies here in Philly will continue to be my charges.

  3. I would love to see recent photos of Violet and her siblings/cousins. Also please know hat tonight I absentmindedly reached into my freezer to pull out a Trader Joe’s “lamb kofka” dinner package that had been there a while, But then I was suddenly stricken and horrified by the thought, “I COULD BE EATING VIOLET!” I’ll never, never never be able to eat lamb again.

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