Welcome, Ciara!

We’re pleased to welcome Ciara Fiack, our new Animal Care Director at CAS! (Abbie Rogers, our previous Animal Care Director, has decided to move to warmer weather.)

Ciara will act as the main liaison with local veterinarians, implement health care regimens, monitor the well-being of the animals, and manage diets.

Ciara grew up in the Capay Valley of Northern California, where she developed an appreciation of the outdoors and sustainable farming. She credits her mother (who does German Shepherd rescue) for instilling in her a love of animals.

Ciara received her degree in Animal Science from Colorado State University, studying at the school’s highly esteemed large animal veterinary teaching hospital. After college she completed her graduate thesis work in Hawaii where she concentrated on marine biology and frequently visited Alaska to study harbor seals. Most recently, Ciara worked at the University of California at Davis’ veterinary teaching hospital where she concentrated on large animals.

When she’s not working, Ciara’s loves to dote on her three cats and two dogs, play tennis, go camping and hang out by the ocean. She is currently working towards her PhD in Animal Science.

"I have dedicated my whole life and scholastic career to animals; it has always been my goal to be the voice they do not have to keep them safe."



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