Welcome Home, Little Ones

On Tuesday, I hopped three planes, then picked up a rental car and drove several hours to meet a woman whose rescue organization in a remote part of the Midwest is in trouble. Specifically, it’s been charged with multiple counts of cruelty and is in bankruptcy proceedings. Most specifically, some 250 animals, mostly horses, are in desperate need of placement, and the clock is running out.

Sadly, this scenario is all too familiar.

I first learned of the situation from Pets Alive, a Middletown sanctuary that is taking in goats, sheep, llamas and miniature horses from the ailing organization. In the following days, the owner hinted at her desperation. Her hay supply was running low. She was out of funds. She had no community support, and “Farm Services” was threatening to send her animals to slaughter to recoup some of the money she owed them for leased farm equipment.

I let out a deep sigh. If we were going to help, I wanted to see with my own eyes both the animals we’d accept and the ones who’d remain behind: perhaps we could network to place them. I booked my ticket, hired “Horse Jitney” (www.horsejitney.com) to bring our animals home, and was on my way.

Three days and three thousand miles later, we’re nearly home. In less than thirty minutes, ten miniature horses and ten little hens will join the CAS crew; seven horses will continue on to Pets Alive, who’ll add more animals to their brood next week when “Horse Jitney” returns with a second group of animals.


I’ll be blogging in upcoming days and weeks about this situation and the animals left behind who desperately need our help. It’s going to be a Herculean task, friends. Meantime, it’s time to welcome our new friends home.

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  1. My mom just emailed me your link after hearing your story on the news. I grew up in Newburgh, NY but now live in Ithaca, NY. My husband and I own Namaste Montessori School, and part of our mission is to teach children compassion and care of all living things. We are working closely with our local SPCA and Cooperative Extension (4-H) to create a “farm” school. We have a barn, pasture space, vet support from local vets and Cornell, and lots of loving hands. We are very interested in helping out by adopting (specifically interested in minature horses, llamas, and farm animals). Please keep us informed in how we may get involved. Thanks for all you do.Namaste, Bridgid

  2. We own 30 acres and right now have 2 horses of our own but are very interested in adopting several more horses. We have a barn with 3 stalls at the moment, but we live in South Carolina so the winters are pretty mild here. There are several different pastures that are fenced in with cover. We are planning on having a business to do teaching and trail rides. Please keep us informed at haleyrae17@hotmail.com

    1. Hi there:

      Thanks so much for your inquiry. CAS does not adopt animals out to be used for business purposes. and South Carolina is far outside our adoption range.

  3. hi my daughter is looking for a miniature horse. She would keep it at her 4h where she can go when ever she wants. alot of stalls fields and much more there are 10 minis there already there so he or she with be very happy! if you have any question please email elovehorses10@aol.com or Melaneywalt@aol.com thanks so much hope to hear back thanks so much! 🙂

    1. Hi there: We’re currently accepting adoption applications, and expect to have far more applicants than minis…lucky for the horses! You’re certainly welcome to applyby clicking under the link marked “Get Involved.”

  4. Might be able to help with a draft or two. Let me know the details. Pictures? What shape are they in

  5. I have tears in my eyes. The lucky ones are being taken care of. My dream is to take and care for the not so lucky ones. I have two horses and they fall in to the “Lucky Ones” category. I hope to be in a position to recsue a few more, very soon!

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