Why is Telling the Truth a Criminal Act?

This week The New York Times reported on the case of woman who was indicted four years after trespassing on Hudson Valley Foie Gras’ property. At issue is the question of whether or not she “stole” two ducks.

Setting aside the larger issue that ducks should not be considered “property” as if they were an iPad or a bicycle, we were struck by Hudson Valley’s assertion that birds are treated humanely and animal activists unfairly portray animals’ living conditions.

If you’re not familiar with how foie gras is produced, take three minutes to watch this video documenting the process. How could this treatment be remotely “humane?”

Sabine and Giselle
Sabine and Giselle are safe and happy in our care.

By odd coincidence, Catskill Animal Sanctuary is located near major foie gras producers. Last spring we received a call from the state police alerting us that a crate containing four ducks had fallen off the back of a truck that didn’t even stop. Two of the ducks died and the other two are now safe and happy in our care.

What can you do? Aside from not eating foie gras because it’s cruel, you can acknowledge cruelty is inherent in all animal agriculture. Not eating foie gras, but drinking milk is an ethical contradiction. The degree of cruelty isn’t the central issue, deciding to subjugate other species to our taste buds is. Go vegan.



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