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A Saint Patrick’s Day Riddle

What do Saint Patrick’s Day and veganism have in common?

Great food and a whole lot of love!

A little background. It’s believed that Patrick was born into a wealthy family, and at the age of sixteen, he was kidnapped by Irish raiders and taken as a slave to Ireland where he spent six years working as a shepherd. After escaping and making his way home, Patrick returned to Ireland and spent many years spreading the word and changing people’s minds and hearts.

Saint Patrick’s efforts are not unlike what vegans feel compelled to do; deliver our message with sensitivity and love, when we tell people what we believe and why. For many, a lifetime of habit and tradition are best dislodged using tools like patience, tolerance…and really delicious food!

So on March 17, let’s take a page out of Saint Patrick’s playbook and spread our message the best way I know how –  through food! Enjoy these Irish-inspired vegan dishes, whether you’re wearing the green or not.

Lentil and Root Vegetable Shepherd’s Pie
Lentil and Root Vegetable Shepherd's Pie






Beer Braised Greens
beer braised greens






Compassionate Dublin Coddle
Compassionate Dublin Coddle






Split Pea Soup with Shiitake “Bacon” Crisps
split pea soup






Simple Sweet Scones
simple sweet scones









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