Babe, a half Holstein, half Black Angus steer, was born May 1, 1995. He was purchased as a calf at auction by a kind woman who wanted to save one life. When he became a nearly 2,000 pound giant, however, she could no longer keep him, and boarded him, ironically, at a beef farm. When she could no longer afford the board, she desperately searched for a home for him. We’re so lucky that she found CAS. Babe was a gentle soul who everyone adored. He loved people and eagerly waited for pets when tour groups showed up. He was a perfect spokesperson for all steers around the world – he showed people just how loving, soulful, and kind these animals are and aided in many people’s conversion to a plant-based diet. Babe died in February 2012 at the age of 17 (a very senior bovine) due to a huge calcified fatty mass in his rumen. He will be forever remembered and missed.

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