TuckerTucker is a Guernsey steer who was purchased by a petting zoo operator shortly after his birth. A mother and daughter who became attached to him visited him frequently at the petting zoo. They were alarmed when they arrived one day and Tucker was being loaded onto a truck. The petting zoo operator told the family that Tucker was going to auction. Instead, the woman paid to save Tucker … and then realized that she had bought a cow! Tucker has been with us ever since that day in 2007. He is as gentle as an old Golden Retriever and craves human attention.

(Purchasing baby animals and sending them to slaughter at the end of the season is a common petting zoo practice. First, petting zoo operators don't want the expense or effort of caring for animals over the winter; second, the animals will no longer be cute and little the following season, and baby animals drum up business. Please support sanctuaries, not petting zoos! At sanctuaries, we believe that even the oldest of our residents, like Ollie and Tigger, have plenty of cute to go around.)

In her book, Animal Camp, founder Kathy Stevens tells the delightful story of the summer when Tucker went to  “summer camp” with her and two other “misfits” who didn’t know how to fit in with their own species

How can you tell when Tucker is enjoying a chest rub? Just watch, and allow us to say it again: in the ways truly matter, WE ARE ALL THE SAME.

Posted by Catskill Animal Sanctuary on Saturday, March 11, 2017


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