Jaime and Chauncey Get Adopted

Jaime and Chauncey, our two Pekin ducks, were adopted this week! We’re so thrilled to find a home that could take both of these friendly boys. Their new dad, Vince, has a large family of feathered friends and is happy to add Jamie and Chauncey to the mix. The two boys joyfully joined the group of rescued geese and ducks in the large pond at their new home.

Chauncey was brought to CAS years ago by a woman who found him abandoned in Long Island. Pekin ducks are also referred to as Long Island ducks because they were brought to Long Island from China in the late 1800s. They are a breed of domesticated ducks who are, unfortunately, used primarily in this country for their meat and eggs. Because they are a domesticated breed, they can not survive on their own when people “release” them into the wild.

Chauncey was found near Long Island railroad tracks with three other Pekin ducks, one of whom had already been killed by a train. Luckily, their rescuer brought them to CAS where they lived the good life!

Jaime came to CAS after being seized from a man in Tillson, NY by the Ulster County SPCA.

We’re all so happy to see these two boys go to a wonderful, loving home complete with feathered friends! When I dropped them off the other day they wandered around checking everything out. Within a half hour I could tell they felt right at home.

CAS staffers say goodbye to Jaime and Chauncey who got adopted this week!

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