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Meaningful Mother’s Day Gifts

Think we humans are the only ones who have special mom-bonds? Think again. Animal mothers and their offspring have rich, emotional connections that are similar to ours in many ways. Did you know…

Mother pigs will develop a lifelong bond with their children and continue to care for them even when they’re all grown up. Hens are so protective of their children that they will hide chicks underneath their fluffed up bodies so none are lost to predators. Sheep mothers have a specific call just for her babies that tells them to return to her for safety. Goat moms and their children often sleep nestled side by side or with their necks wrapped around each other to be as close as possible. A mother’s love is a mother’s love–proving once again that in the ways that truly matter, we are all the same.

Are you feeling the love this year and have a mom in your life you’d like to honor? There’s really no better day to inspire compassionate choices than Mother’s Day and we want to help you commemorate the day in meaningful and compassionate ways this year:

chocolate strawberry shortcakesMake a vegan meal for a special mom in your life. We’ve rounded up our top ten recipes so you can celebrate with compassion.

Patronize a vegan restaurant or choose one with vegan options. Not sure where to go? Try visiting one our Compassionate Cuisine Champions where Catskill members get a special discount.

Come visit us and bring the whole family for a tour and free cooking demonstrations. You’ll learn more about the special and very real bonds animal mothers have with their young.

Lend her a copy of your favorite vegan cookbook or buy her one of her own. Not sure what to buy? Here’s a list of Chef Sara’s favorites.

Buy her a beautiful animal portrait, piece of jewelry or clothing, or aromatic vegan soap from our online shop.

Make a gift in honor of or in memory of a special mom.

Does your mom love animals? Buy her a membership to Catskill Animal Sanctuary. And this month, when you join or renew, you’ll be entered to win two free nights at The Homestead!

Get her a gift certificate to one of our popular Compassionate Cuisine cooking classes. Check out the list of upcoming classes.

Take her away! Spend a night at The Homestead. Together, you’ll enjoy a delicious vegan breakfast and get to spend quality time with our nearly 300 rescued residents.

Does mom love a favorite species of animal or one of our residents? Sponsor an animal for her and she’ll get photos and updates throughout the year.

However you decide to celebrate Mother’s Day, do it with love and compassion!



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