New Homes for the New Year

Our five geese were a tightly bonded group and we had decided a long time ago never to split them up. So, when a couple contacted us about adopting a goose, we thought they would run for the door when we explained that it was five or none. How surprised, and thrilled, we were when they decided to take the whole group! These adopters have a lot of experience with feathered friends – they name chickens and geese among their favorite animals and have had both species as companion pets for as long as they can remember. The geese have a beautiful setup at their adoptive home, complete with a pond and barn just for them, and we hear that they are doing wonderfully.

Foster families are great, but foster families that turn into adoptive families are really great! That’s just what happened to one of our rescued rabbits, Harold, who is now officially part of a new family. Along with Harold, the family also adopted rescued chickens Bob and Midnight who were rescued from New York City in 2012.

Rescued goat Jimmy joined other CAS rescued goats at his new adoptive home and Sandy, a very outgoing little rabbit, also found his forever home.

Finding wonderful, adoptive homes for our animals is so important because it frees up space for new rescues. If you are interested in adopting a farm animal from CAS, please fill out an adoption application here.

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