New Leaf Vegan Mentor Program

The New Leaf Vegan Mentor Program combines the proven effectiveness of one-on-one mentor relationships, the power of superior online matching technology and knowledge gained from a successful vegan-mentoring pilot program to help people commit to vegan living.

Our free international program will connect you with a trained mentor for one-on-one individualized support. Whether you’re committed to vegan ethics and protecting animals or you’re seeking a healthier, more earth-friendly diet, our mentors will help you reach your goal. They’ll answer your questions, share information and resources, discuss challenges and celebrate your successes. They’ll help you with shopping, meal creation, dining out, nutrition, networking, communicating with others, and more. And they won’t stop at 30 days or six weeks.

Our mentors work with mentees for as long as needed, because we’re here to support lifelong change.

To ensure the best fit for our mentors and mentees, we leverage the premier mentoring software designed for personalized matching. This easy-to-use digital tool includes detailed mentor profiles, helpful resources, streamlined mentor-mentee communication, and a convenient mobile app for help on the go.

New Leaf is the leading global vegan mentor program because of our proven model, superior technology and unique platform as an initiative of the historic Catskill Animal Sanctuary.

Catskill Animal Sanctuary has been promoting veganism in New York’s Hudson Valley since 2009 and has worked toward ending animal suffering, improving our health and healing our ailing planet since 2001. Catskill Animal Sanctuary is the only farmed animal sanctuary in the United States with the highest accolades from Charity Navigator, Guidestar (Platinum), Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries, and the Better Business Bureau.