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Petunia’s Pledge: Continue Your Journey Of Compassion

On World Vegetarian Day (October 1st), we celebrate vegetarians and veg-curious folks like YOU — Let’s take the next step together!

Take Petunia’s Pledge to go vegan for one month in honor of our rescued sassy queen, Petunia June. The pledge goes until World Vegan Day (November 1st) and we’ll support you every step of the way.

  • Unlock Delicious Vegan Secrets
    • Join our Vegan101 video chat with award-winning chef Linda Soper-Kolton
  • Veganize Your Faves
    • Cooking classes & delicious recipes with easy egg & dairy swaps
  • Treat Yourself
    • Private discount codes for Sanctuary merch
  • Stay Motivated
    • Exclusive Virtual Sanctuary tours starring rescues from the egg & dairy industries
  • Make New Veggie Friends
    • Private Facebook Group so you can meet other vegetarian/veg-curious folks & talk to experienced vegans
And So Much More!

Meet Petunia June!

Petunia June was found wandering the streets of New York. Because she had the tip of her beak cut, our guess is that she liberated herself from a live market. Currently, there are more than 80 live markets within city limits. She was brought to Sanctuary by our friends at Wild Bird Fund. In the time she’s been at Sanctuary, Petunia June has made us all fall in love with her.
Between her outgoing personality and her absolutely adorable face, she takes our breath away.
You can still sign up & help support fellow pledges or share with your vegetarian or veg-curious friends & family!



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2 replies on “Petunia’s Pledge: Continue Your Journey Of Compassion”

  1. I came to CAS for a Master Teacher Animal Reiki class in 2016, the first one held at your Sanctuary. When I left, I couldn’t eat anything with feet again. Or anything from anything with feet. I cook with Compassionate Cuisine all the time, I love that book, and I am happy to pledge to continue my commitment for my lifetime! Thank you for all that you do!!

    1. How wonderful, Laurie!! We’re so delighted to hear this and to be supporting your journey! <3

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