Roxbury, Rescued from a Trashbag in NYC

Roxbury was rescued by an animal lover when he saw a man put a trash bag with a live chicken in it next to a bar trashcan. The man with the chicken told the animal lover that the hen was part of a practical joke and that now he didn’t know what to do…except kill her by abandoning her.

Roxbury was rescued from death that night, and brought to CAS! Roxbury’s rescuer said that when he tells his friends about his “new daughter,” he says that, “Roxbury went from living in a garbage bag to a 5-star penthouse at Catskill Animal Sanctuary!”

After Roxbury’s rescuer’s girlfriend held the chicken in her arms, she vowed to “never eat chicken again.” A chicken who almost died in a bar trashcan is already changing hearts and minds! Welcome to CAS little one; you’ll fit in just fine!

Update 10/3/12: Roxbury has been adopted by a wonderful family!! We are so happy to see Roxbury find her “happily ever after.”






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8 replies on “Roxbury, Rescued from a Trashbag in NYC”

  1. Hooray for Sean! I also hope he might have had some occasion to nicely educate this man as to how this was a cruel thing to do, and hopefully leave him with a higher consciousness and compassion for animals…

  2. Thank you both for intervening on behalf of this chicken. You were in the right place at the right time and did the right thing. I am also a sponsor at CAS and you have brought Roxbury to the best possible home. I applaud your heart and character. You have touched this animal and saved her life and you will never see a chicken the same way again.

  3. Sean and I are both animal lovers! We both have cats of our own… we adore animals and aretrying to help in the fight against animal cruelty. Thanks to CAS for all the help and forever changing Roxbury’s life!

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