From Stallions to Geldings

Four down and three to go. The stallions from our Saratoga rescue are being gelded (castrated) by veterinary surgeons at Rhinebeck Equine. Dewey, Harry, Brutus, and Montana have all undergone the surgery and are healing wonderfully back at CAS. Opie, Pete, and Timothy will be gelded over the next couple weeks. As geldings, these boys will be much more adoptable. Do you have the room to welcome one of them into your family?

Gelding is another important step in these boys’ recovery – a recovery that has come so far! Watching them now, it is hard to believe how desperate their circumstances were just four months ago. Indeed, nurturing an animal back to physical and emotional health is the greatest joy of the work we do. We look forward to the day when each of these boys finds his forever home.

Neutering intact animals is important to our mission at CAS – we would never adopt out an animal who could reproduce. Just as with dogs and cats in the US, there are far more farm animals in need of homes than there are homes available. Therefore, we do our part in curbing the overpopulation problem. At CAS, intact horses, bulls, pigs, goats, sheep, and rabbits are always neutered (under anesthesia and with post-surgery pain medication, of course!).

Thank you to all our supporters for helping make this important work possible.





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