Sunny Brightens Our Day

There was a surprise waiting for me in my office Monday morning, and it wasn’t exactly the kind of surprise I was hoping for. It was something an animal had left behind, and it led me to ask: Who was in my office over the weekend? As it turns out, that surprise was left by our newest chicken, Sunny, who had spent the night in our director’s house, where my office is located. To be specific, she had spent the night happily perched on the bed above Kathy and her dog Hannah. On Sunday, Kathy had noticed that Sunny was being picked on by the rooster she was housed with, and wanted her to have peace and safety until Abbie, our Animal Care Director, returned the following day and would figure out new living arrangements for the delightful bird. This is one of many examples of the truly individualized care that is given to each animal at CAS. If they aren’t getting along with their friends, we help them out. “Anything for the animals,” we say, as our lives are rearranged to accommodate the newbie until a happier barn solution is found. Sunny was brought to us by two CAS supporters who found her running around in the middle of a busy road in Lenox, Massachusetts. They scooped up the confused little girl and brought her to us. Since then, she has quickly become one of the favorites on the farm – one of the animals staff pretends to have to check on ten times a day just so they can hold her in their laps or get a little “kiss” on the lips (Sunny’s signature move). Yes, Sunny loves human attention! This, combined with her struggle to live alongside roosters, made us decide that she deserved a place in the “Underfoot Family” (our group of animals who free range during the day and sleep in the barn at night.) As a loving, funny, curious girl who is very playful, Sunny certainly lives up to her name. She will happily climb into your lap and lay peacefully until she spots a worm and leaps up to pursue her snack in the grass. During the day Sunny occasionally perches on Abbie’s shoulders, more than happy to tag along as our Animal Care Director proceeds through her medical care routine. It is our guess that Sunny used to be someone’s pet. She would make a wonderful house bird as she is very human oriented. If you are interested in adopting Sunny into your family please fill out an Adoption Application.

UPDATE: Sunny crowed the other day – She’s a boy! Oops!