The Smallest Pot Belly Pig at CAS: Meet Eldon!

Eldon’s mother had a terrible infection in her uterus, which caused most of her babies to die. Eldon was one of two who survived, but because his mother was so sick, she was unable to care for him. Therefore, Eldon had to be bottle fed (every two hours!!) and raised by humans. Now six months old and weaned, Eldon’s human mother brought him to CAS because she was no longer able to care for him. We’re so glad he’s here! Every day Eldon goes on a walk with one of our caretakers — clicking his tiny pot belly hooves as he races around smelling everything he can and stopping to scratch his belly on every rock along the way. This little, exuberant little guy loves people and will cuddle up with you and a fluffy blanket in a heartbeat.

Eldon is about 30lbs right now. Pot belly pigs can take up to three years to reach their full weight, which averages around 200lbs (they are only the size of a large dog, but they are very dense animals). They make wonderful companions for pig-savvy people! We are currently accepting applications for Eldon’s adoption. If you are interested, please complete an adoption application on our website.

This holiday season, please consider donating to Catskill Animal Sanctuary. Your donation helps us rescue needy animals, rehabilitate them, and find them forever homes. Thank you.












See more photos of Eldon on our Flickr page.





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