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Creamy Fettuccine Alfredo

You can have creamy fettuccine alfredo without the heavy and unhealthy dairy. Try Chef Linda’s scrumptious vegan spin on this classic dish.

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Super Bowl Stromboli

There’s never been a Super Bowl tie, until now! These two stromboli fillings are equally scrumptious and deserve to go head-to-head on game day,

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Easy Slow Cooker Vegan Lasagna

Looking for a hearty, quick-to-assemble comfort food dinner that will make kids and adults happy?

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White Bean Cashew Alfredo Sauce

Aside from the taste, Alfredo sauce doesn’t have too many other redeeming qualities. Made with heavy cream, parmesan, and lots of butter, it’s not a sauce that’s friendly to your health or to the animals.

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Bolognese Sauce with Polenta and Greens

Ragú alla bolognese or bolognese sauce, a slow-cooked Italian meat sauce, which originated in Bologna, Italy, was traditionally made with minced veal, beef, and pork.

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Baked Potato Gnocchi

Homemade gnocchi made from baked potatoes and flour are easy, economical, and scrumptious!

Simple Pizza Dough

I used to buy pizza dough in the store, until I realized how much better it tastes when I make it from scratch. Sure, in a pinch, prepared pizza dough will work, but with just a few easy steps and some patience,

Eggplant Lasagna

Noodles are nice, but eggplant is better! If you love lasagna but want a healthier approach, try this Eggplant Lasagna recipe. Instead of traditional noodles, we use eggplant that’s baked, not fried.

Tempeh Piccata

It has become a family favorite now, so I felt I just had to bring it to your attention.

Italian Anise Cookies

My family isn’t Italian, so when I had my first Italian Anise Cookie, I was in my 20’s. Christmas hasn’t been the same ever since.