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A Valentine to Planet Earth

In February, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association made what’s being called a bold decision: It served a vegan meal at the Golden Globes ceremony. The intent was to send a signal to the watching world that eating animals is impacting our world. And not in a good way, if you haven’t gotten that memo.

Eight hundred people had a meal made from plants, not animals. Some of them, like Joaquin Phoenix, applauded the move and the nod to the growing awareness of the link between animal agriculture and climate change. He acknowledged his lack of virtue at times and the need for all of us to make sacrifices and changes on a personal level. He vowed to do better and asked that we try, too. Others chose this star-studded moment–one that gave plants the starring role–as an opportunity to deride the HFPA’s decision and to mock the vegan movement citing the lack of personal freedom to eat meat at the event and hypocrisies like the leather shoes and private jets that were a part of the ensemble cast that evening. And of course, vegans were characterized as extremists who want to rule the world. It was a great moment that encouraged us all to lean into a highly charged and personal subject: Our food.

Sadly, we often miss opportunities like these to understand other viewpoints. We seek to discredit and destroy. The meal wasn’t delivered with a side dish of accusation. It didn’t come with a handbill detailing the impact of our diet on our world, our health, or the animals. Plates weren’t wrapped and sealed with “meat is murder” stickers. No one demanded that diners sign a vegan pledge. And yet, those who are uncomfortable with their choices expect moments like these to be wrapped up in the haughty veneer of judgment. Judging does happen, but that night, it seemed that the offering was just a meal. A gift made with plants. Wrapped in love. Love for our planet and each other.

On Valentine’s Day, let’s honor the magnificent planet that sustains us and all its creatures by serving up a meal made from plants. Let’s use love, not judgment, as the main ingredient. This Compassionate Cuisine menu was inspired by vegan dishes carefully created and lovingly served at recent awards shows. We encourage you to make it for the people you love, as well as those who may not love you back: Rainbow Tartare of Carrot, Beet, and Avocado; Shiitake Risotto, Charred Brussels Sprouts, and King Oyster Scallops; No-Bake Chocolate Ganache Opera Cake. It is a celebration of good food. Nothing more. Nothing less.




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