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Get Ready to Add Love & Stir! Compassionate Cuisine is Online!

Our award-winning Chef Linda is cooking up an array of guided virtual cooking classes that will inspire you to enjoy all that vegan cooking has to offer. Public, private, or group/corporate classes are the perfect way to dive into the delicious world of plant-based cooking while spending more time at home. Trained as a chef at the Natural Gourmet Institute in NYC and as a health coach at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, Chef Linda has been teaching vegan cooking for over a decade and now she’s taking her wildly popular in-person classes right into your home. Classes cover a wide variety of topics, from making awesome vegan cheeses, decadent desserts, vegan “101”, creative entertaining, and everything in between. You’ll receive all the recipes along with generous helpings of vegan, culinary, and wellness information and the video recording of the class too!

Take one of our public classes or design your own, either way,
pull up a seat in our virtual kitchen–the best things ALWAYS happen in the kitchen!

Email Chef Linda to talk about creating your own experience or visit our events calendar and register for a public class.

Public Online Classes

Our fall line up of public cooking classes covers everything from family dinners to decadent desserts. Classes are 1 1/2 hours long and cost $40/device. Participants can also choose a class bundle that includes our popular cookbook at a special “insider” price! Check out our classes.

90 minutes
2 to 3 recipes
This style of class is for you if you want to get into the kitchen and learn how to make something new or amp up your confidence in the kitchen. Chef Linda will be your guide as you cook recipes prepared to expand your knowledge about cooking techniques, ingredients, cultures, or anything vegan! You’ll have the chance to ask questions along the way. You buy the ingredients in advance and together, you’ll create dishes you can enjoy at home.

45 – 60 minutes
1 to 2 recipes
No ingredients necessary. Chef Linda provides a tutorial so that you can watch how something is made and then make it on your own. Recipe themes vary based on cooking style, technique, and complexity so there’s always something to suit your needs. Learn how to expand your vegan repertoire with creative new recipes, tackle a new ingredient and turn it into something delicious, travel the globe from your kitchen, and learn how to create different tastes from a variety of cultures. From veggie burgers to brunch ideas, baking to pasta-making, tofu to tempeh, there’s a class for everyone.

White bean artichoke crackers

The Family Table
2 hours
3-course meal
Looking for a way to connect with your family? In this class, everyone can pitch in to create a family-friendly vegan meal when you cook along at home with Chef Linda. Favorites like gourmet pizza, macaroni & cheese, and spaghetti and meatballs, and tacos with all the fixings are a few of the dishes to choose from when you take this class. Sign up with friends and family so you can all cook together! An entertaining experience where you can connect, learn, and enjoy your meal together afterward.

Supper Club
2.5 hours
3-course meal
Food and community go together and this is the class for you if you’d like to learn how to expand your vegan cooking repertoire and share togetherness in a compassionate online community. Chef Linda’s menus strike a balance between comfort and creativity and always with an eye toward helping you learn something new. You’ll get the menu, shopping list, and recipes and join other like-minded people for an intimate experience right at home then enjoy a virtual meal and conversation together at the end.

Youth Programs

2 hours (1/2 hour animal time + 1.5 hours cooking camp)
2 to 3 recipes
If your kids are home and you want to provide interesting and fun experiences for them, our virtual youth programs offer kids the opportunity to meet and learn about the animals through our virtual sanctuary and participate in an online cooking class. This virtual experience is designed to offer children and young people an opportunity to visit the sanctuary, get up close to our animal residents, learn about compassion, and learn how to cook delicious vegan food. Kids will master new skills from reading recipes to knife skills, cleaning as we go, and kitchen independence.

The Getaway
2.5 hours (20 minutes of animal time + 2-hour cooking class)
3-course meal
Need to get away from it all but can’t go anywhere? Book a virtual getaway at Catskill Animal Sanctuary that includes animal time and a cook-along class that culminates in a group lunch. Based on our wildly popular, always sold-out Horsin’ Around events, this online version allows you to meet our animal residents in a live sanctuary visit guided by one of our humane educators and then prepare your own meal in a cook-along class with Chef Linda.

Private Group and Corporate Classes

90 minutes to 2 hours
Starting at $250
For team buildings, corporate cooking, thanking your VIP customers, or other groups. Organize a private cooking class with your personal friends and family from anywhere. Topics can range actual cooking to sessions on transitioning to a vegan diet, how to shop and meal plan, easy weeknight dinners, and healthy homemade desserts. Menu and class topic is completely customizable. You choose a format and theme for your group. Classes can be designed to include live animal time from the sanctuary. Together, we’ll design an online experience that meets your needs and goals.

Mystery Cook-along
We provide the shopping list, you create the recipe. We’ll provide a list of ingredients that are designed to create a completed dish. Chef Linda will cook and mentor participants along the way as we decide how to use the ingredients and in the end, everyone shares their dish for the camera. It’s a great way to learn how to create versatility in your kitchen and to cook without a recipe.

Live Chef Chats
Wish you had your own private cooking coach to ask questions about cooking, nutrition, vegan products, or how to transition? Want to “chef bomb” your next Zoom call? Schedule Chef Linda to join you or your group to talk about all things vegan in the kitchen!



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