My Compassionate Cuisine Guest Chef Experience

~ Jenne Claiborne ~

There are some really magnificent and kind people on this planet. They are compassionate, unselfish and full of love. I met a few such people last week at the Catskill Animal Sanctuary, where I had the honor of being their first guest instructor and teaching “5 Ingredient Vegan”, a cooking class held in the teaching kitchen at  The Homestead , their on-site guest house.

During my 3 day stay at the farm, I met cows, pigs, horses, goats, sheep, chickens, ducks and turkeys. It was my very first time ever touching a pig or a cow, and even seeing a turkey in person! It was a beautiful to see them all hanging out together in the barn. Each of these lovely creatures had an amazing story. They were mostly rescued from neglect and human cruelty. Another thing that I noticed was that each of the animals had a distinct personality, and definite intelligence. What touched me most was how happy and comfortable they all seemed in their safe home.

 So many people want to adopt a vegan diet, but are unsure of where to start. CAS is helping to ease that confusion and make it fun!  The Compassionate Cuisine  program is run by Chef Linda Soper-Kolton. She, along with the guest chefs (like me), are showing people that vegan food is delicious, nourishing and easy to make. It was a great honor to teach my “5 Ingredient Vegan” cooking class. I hope to be teaching again later in the season. Check out some of the recipes from my class and try them for yourselCAS_jenne_f.

You should see the sprawling acres surrounded by dense forest at CAS, and the animals munching on grass and enjoying a peaceful life. Have you ever visited a farm sanctuary? If not, I urge you to visit one. You’re going to want to return again and again, as I do.



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