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Ditch the Dairy for National Dairy Month

National Dairy Month, a campaign of the National Dairy Council (NDC), started out as a way to promote drinking milk to stabilize the dairy demand when production was at a surplus. Each year, the campaign claims that dairy makes sense because it’s good for your health and because dairy is produced by farmers who care about sustainability. Really?

With lots of muscle and money behind their ad campaigns and lobbying efforts, the NDC claims that milk is nature’s most perfect food. Well, sure it is…if you’re a calf. But we’re not, we’re humans, and we have no reason – or need – to drink the milk of another species, especially when doing so causes harm to our health, our planet and billions of cows who suffer miserable, painful and tortured lives as dairy cows.

In honor of National Dairy Month, let’s ditch the dairy and celebrate the many ways that we have found to live healthier, more compassionate lives without it.

“Where will I get my calcium?” Nature has provided an abundance of plant-based ways to get plenty of this important mineral that don’t involve dairy.

“What do I do without milk?” Lucky for us, there are lots of options for non-dairy milk. From homemade nut milk that you can whip up in a flash to store-bought brands made from healthy ingredients like soy, hemp, rice, nuts, oats, and coconut, you’re sure to find one that suits your fancy.

“But I like yogurt, too.” Relax, we’ve got you covered here. Just as there are options for milk, there are a wide variety of non-dairy yogurts that taste delicious and serve as a quick breakfast or snack on-the-go.

“Wait, what about the cheese?!” Oh, ye of little faith. Do you think we’d forget to give you solutions for the one thing that people have the hardest time eliminating from their diet? Whether you buy it in the store or make it at home, there are wonderful options today to satisfy that cheesy craving without killing yourself, the planet or inflicting suffering.

“My kids scream for ice cream. Are there vegan options for that as well?” The market is exploding with options for non-dairy ice creams. Just like non-dairy milk, the variety of tasty vegan ice creams available today are wide enough that everyone can find a favorite. And of course, you can always make your own!

So join me this month, and hopefully beyond, in saying “buh-bye” to dairy for good.



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