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Vegan Essentials: Cheese and Sauce!

Going–and staying vegan are joyful but it’s a more delightful journey when you have a couple of the most important bases covered: cheese and flavor! Two things we often hear: “I could never give up cheese!” and “Vegan food has no flavor!” Take it from millions of vegans, you CAN give up dairy-cheese and vegan food is incredibly creative, delicious, and flavorful. Really!

Two of the best things in your vegan toolkit should be how to make dairy-free cheese and how to level up your meals with amazing sauces. And we can help!

In September, we’re offering two essential Compassionate Cuisine cooking classes: cheese and sauces. If you haven’t taken “Yes, There Is Life After Cheese!”, we’re offering it on September 16 at a special price just to make sure you can get in on the action. In this online class, you’ll learn how to make a variety of vegan cheeses in the comfort of your own home. Register today before the class is sold out! And on September 30, you can learn how to make the essential sauces that will transform your meals from ho-hum to humdinger! Both classes are online and you can cook along or watch and learn.

Vegan living is all about abundance, not deprivation. Come join the fun–these classes are game-changers!

[Photo: Alexandra Shytsman for our Compassionate Cuisine cookbook]



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