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Tasting Tempeh

Tasting Tempeh

food tasting_2 womenIf you’ve been up to visit Catskill Animal Sanctuary this season, you may have been visited our food tasting table. Rain or shine, hot or humid (or both!), Compassionate Cuisine interns Eva McGill and Deborah Kane are always prepared to tempt you with a tasty treat. Why are we trying to get people to taste vegan food? Because there are so many great products out there and so many delicious recipes, sometimes all people need is a little taste to help get them on their journey of compassionate eating.

Recently, we sampled BBQ tempeh, a delicious and simple summer dish that can surprise and “wow” the best of them, even the little ones! Try one of these recipes and you’ll see why tempeh is a refrigerator staple you’ll want to get familiar with fast!food tasting_smiling boy

BBQ Tempeh Sliders

Tempeh Reuben Sandwich

Tempeh and Peppers

Tempeh Piccata

Check out our cooking video and see how to make BBQ Tempeh Sliders and Slaw.

Learn a quick tip about how to prepare your tempeh even before you use it in any recipe.






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