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Veggie Burger Round Up

veg-gie burg-er


1.  patty made from a wide variety of vegetables, beans, grains, herbs, and spices, generally topped with an outrageous sauce and served between two squishy buns. a pickle on the side is optional but highly recommended.

2.  your own personal work of art

3.  an individual choice that has a global impact

The future of our planet and the life it sustains is in large part up to us. Our lifestyle creates carbon dioxide and methane gasses that are part of the greenhouse gas emissions we hear so much about today. What you decide to put on your plate has an enormous impact on the amount of these emissions that are released into the atmosphere. Eating plants, not animals or their by-products, like milk and cheese, is among the most important, individual choices you can make the help reduce greenhouse gasses. It’s a big part of reducing your carbon footprint and if you don’t think it matters, think about the one thing you do (at least) three times a day 365 days a year.

A veggie burger is one simple way for you to eat something that looks and feels familiar, is nutritious and delicious, and is kinder to the planet than burgers made with animal protein. And most importantly for many of us, it is a choice that doesn’t harm animals.

Veggies burgers come in all varieties, shapes, and sizes; from little bite-sized sliders to big, whopping patties; from homemade to store-bought; and from healthy to…well, less than healthy. What they all have in common is that they are ubiquitous today–they’re literally everywhere which means you can make or buy one to suit your craving anytime you want to satisfy that comfort food craving of something scrumptious on a bun…or in a lettuce leaf, or on a bed of greens…you get the idea, you can serve them any way you want!

To help you choose, or to introduce you to some options, here’s our veggie burger round-up. Try one, try them all, and don’t forget to pass the pickles!

Burgers You Can Buy

Beyond Burger

This burger made waves when it hit the market. Many felt that this was the perfect solution for when entertaining omnivores due to its alarming similarity to meat-based burgers. Mainstream availability makes this a must-try burger!




Hilary’s Eat Well

These burgers are a wholesome option. Not only do Hilary’s burgers use all organic ingredients including grains, sweet potato, and greens, but they are also gluten-free, kosher, and non-GMO. There’s a reason they call this “the world’s best veggie burger”!





Amy’s Sonoma Veggie Burger

Amy’s is a pretty familiar item on market shelves these days. I can’t seem to escape the frozen food section without spotting at least one Amy’s product. Her Sonoma burger is gluten, soy, and dairy-free, contains organic vegetables, walnuts, and quinoa, and like Hilary’s, contains 5 grams of protein!



Dr. Praegers Bombay Curry Veggie Burger

These vegan burgers are great for spicing things up. Vitamin A, phosphorus, and iron come from vegetables such as carrots, string beans, peas, onions, whole soybeans, broccoli, and spinach. And aromatics curry, cumin, and garlic give these patties their distinct Indian flavor. A great option when you’re looking for something a little different. This company has other varieties and flavors, as well.



Compassionate Cuisine Burgers You Can Make

Scarlet Black Bean Burger

What can we say? This recipe, featured in our cookbook, is an all-time favorite. Full of flavor and texture, made with simple, humble ingredients, we think this will be your favorite, too. Freeze a batch and have the best go-to option on hand whenever you get a craving for a hearty meal.

Photo: Alexandra Shytsman for “Compassionate Cuisine: 125 Vegan Recipes From Our Plant-Based Kitchen”

Marinated Portobello Burgers

This is one that’s great on the grill. Wholesome, simple, but full of robust flavor, this is must-try for your next backyard BBQ. Not summer yet? A skillet or oven will work just fine, promise! This burger couldn’t be easier!





Spicy Thai Burgers

If a kick of vibrant Asian flavor is what you’re looking for, this recipe is just what you ordered. The bulk of the burger consists of sweet potatoes and black beans, is brightened up with herbs such as cilantro and basil and spices like curry, ginger, and chili powder. And forget about traditional ketchup. This recipe involves a zesty peanut-lime sauce with tamari and a hint of maple syrup.



And finally, here’s an approach from the No Meat Athlete that shows you how to mix and match grains, proteins, veggies, and flavorings based on what you like or what you have handy. It’s a foolproof way to make a veggie burger with just about anything you have at home!

And remember, most veggie burger recipes can be doubled so that you can freeze them and pop them in the toaster oven for a quick lunch or weeknight meal. So, save the world! Eat a veggie burger!



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